Student Concerns for MIDTERM Enrollment


The inbox of has been flooded with requests for assistance related to the use of the Student Access Module. Some students send multiple requests. Due to the limited number of staff, we are facing difficulty keeping track of the concerns. If you sent an email regarding your concern about mid-term 2021 enrollment that has not yet been addressed, kindly fill out the following Google form: Student Concerns for MIDTERM Enrollment Google Form


We will look into your concern(s) on a first-come-first-served basis and contact you by email once issues have already been resolved or if we need further information. Please be reminded that the form is only for the mid-term enrollment-related concerns of undergraduate students. Only the enrollment-related concerns of students registered (supposed to be registered) this mid-term will be entertained.


Please also be informed that we are trying to resolve issues regarding the Student Access Module (SAM). We recommend that you refrain from accessing SAM in the meantime.


For students who need the assessment form to finalize enrollment, We will be sending your assessment form on or before June 17, 2021.


For all students, We will be sending your COR (Form 6) on or before June 18, 2021.  


If you are an active student with non-midterm enrollment-related concerns, please contact your records-in-charge

    Email Address: ric_<your college>

    Example: For students of the College of Agriculture –


If you are a graduate student with midterm enrollment-related concerns, please contact If you are an alumnus/former student with a need for documents or if you are a prospective transferee, please contact If you are an inactive student who plans to enroll again, please contact For general inquiries or matters that require the attention of the Dean of the Office of Admissions, you may send an email to


We will put the on pause. No one will be monitoring the said account and our actions will be guided by the concerns brought to our attention via the said Google form.  


Thank you for your understanding.