Step 1.

Visit and apply to our OAd Website Page, here is our link: 

Click applicant registration, registration account button and back to log in. After registration of your account, back to user log in. Please input your registered email and password, then click application log in and click log in.

Step 2.

  • Fill up the application form and attach the following requirements:
           1. Accomplished Application for Admission to Graduate Studies.
           2. Most recent Transcript of Records.
           3. Certification of Grade Weighted Average (GWA).
           4. Recommendation letter from former professor/supervisor to be sent directly by the reference to the            College Graduate Program Coordinator :
          • CAG =
          • CASS =
          • CBAA =
          • CED =
          • CEN =
          • CF = 
          • COS =,
          • CVSM =                                                                                                                    if MS = 2 recommendation letters; if PhD= 3 recommendation letters.

Step 3.

If received the abovementioned requirements, the in charge from the Office of Admissions will endorse to the College Graduate Program Coordinator for approval.

Step 4.

If approved from the College Graduate Program Coordinator, It will be endorse to the Department Head for the preparation of the Notice of Acceptance. The Department Head will endorse to the College Dean for final approval, ready for issuance to the applicant.

Step 5.

The College Dean will send to the Office of Admissions thru on line the approved application for admission for the Notice of Admission.

Step 6.

If the Notice of Admission is already approved, the applicant will be notified that he/she is approved for enrollment, and the Office of Admissions will send him/her the approved Notice of Admission.

Step 7.

Please prepare the following requirements and submit during enrollment:                                                                   

1. Most recent original Transcript of Records. 

2. Certificate of Honorable Dismissal or Transfer Credential. 

3. Certificate of Grade Weighted Average (GWA). 

4. Approved Notice of Acceptance. 

5. Certificate of Good Moral Character. 

6. PSA Birth Certificate.

Note : – All admission requirements are required to submit original copies. 

           – Please refer to our SY 2024-2025 school calendar for our enrollment schedules.