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Online Document Request

Online Document Request

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What is active and inactive student?

Active students are those who are currently enrolled from the University such as student who take their bachelor's, masteral, or doctoral degree while inactive students are those who are not enrolled at the university, might be already graduated or transferred to another university.

Track request

Request ID is required for tracking the request, it is used for checking the status of the request and uploading follow up of the payment file for the completion of the request details. In addition, an automated email is utilized to notify the student regarding their requested documents. In some cases, if the student urgently needs the requested document, sending a direct email to the designated staff is allowed.

Login as staff

RIC, Frontline and the Dean accounts must be logged in through their preferred devices. Login requires access to all the necessary staff credentials, including username, password and role.

Contact us for inquiries

Document request related inquiries are the information we provide, including the lists of the documents you can request and the lists of designated RICs and Frontlines. Send us your other inquiries and concerns regarding requesting a document through this site.



Central Luzon State University offers a way of requesting documents in the Office of Admission through this online platform. This will enable the students to request documents easily as it can be accesible for both active and inactive students.

The online document request for the Office of Admission is developed by the students of the BS Information Technology students as for their requirement. The developers aim to contribute to the Central Luzon State University students and staffs to give a quality service for everyone.