Procedure for Changing and Adding of Subjects

Online Procedures
Procedure for Adding/Changing of Courses

1. The student logs in to the Student Portal:  After selecting “Forms” the student chooses the college offering the course he/she wants to add/change from the drop-down menu.

1.1. Additional Subjects:  He/She chooses the course/s he/she wants to add by clicking the “Add Subject” button.

1.2. Changing of Subjects:  If the student wants to change a subject, he/she must choose a course and click the “Subject to be Changed” button.  He/She will indicate in the pop-up window the subject that he/she wants to be changed.

Reminder:  The courses added must not be in conflict with the schedules of courses he/she is already enrolled in.

2. The OAd Staff logs in to the Admin Portal ( to check if the course/s to be added by the student will not lead to unauthorized overloading and if there are conflicts in the student’s schedule.  The staff will also check if the student already satisfies the prerequisite/corequisite of the course/s.  He/She will make the necessary recommendation to the concerned faculty and dean.

3. The faculty member logs in to the Admin Portal ( to see if students are requesting to join his/her class/es.  He/she acts on the request/s.

4. The dean logs in to the Admin Portal ( and makes the appropriate action on the requests of students for adding and changing of subjects.

5. The OAd Staff will inform the student by email of the decision on his/her application to add/change subjects. He/She will also enter the information in the Student Access Module.

7. The faculty members will be notified of the approval of the student’s application to add/change subjects for their appropriate action.

8. From time to time, the student may log-in to the Student Portal to check the status of his/her application for adding/changing courses.

8.1. In case the request to add has been denied due to conflict in schedules, he/may file a new request by selecting another course/section from the list.</div