Procedure for Changing and Adding of Subjects

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Procedure for Adding and Changing of Subjects

2nd Semester SY 2023-2024

Attention students requesting overload or concurrent enrollment!. Please consult your RIC to know if you are qualified to carry overload or enroll subjects concurrently BEFORE proceeding with the processing of request for adding/changing of subjects.

Adding and Changing form

Adding and Changing period:
January 22, 2024 - February 2, 2024

1.      Download the form for Adding and Changing of Subjects (ACA.OAD.YYY.F.010) here.

2.      Fill out the form.  Look for the schedule of the subject/s you wish to add from the OAd website ( Make sure that there are no conflicts in the schedules of your subjects.

3.      Have the concerned instructor approve your enrollment in his/her class.

4.      Have the form signed by the other officials, as required.

5.      Go to the Accounting Office for the assessment of fees.

6.      Pay the fees at the Cashier’s Office.

7.      Submit the form to the Office of Admissions for encoding.

8.      After 48 hours, download your updated Form 6.