Procedure for Changing and Adding of Subjects

Online Procedures
  1. For those student who want to add/change subjects, please do the following:
  • Fill out the online temporary adding/changing form found in this link: Adding/Changing of Subjects 
  • The OAd staff will encode the information in your Student Access Module.
  1. For students with scholarship and those covered by R.A. 10931 (Free Tertiary Education), after about 24 hours, please follow the procedure below:
      • Log in to CLSU Student Access Module.
      • Click the “Enrollment” tab.
      • Click the “Registration Form with For Billing” tab to view Form 6 (Certificate of Registration)
      • Print/save a copy of Form 6 for your reference and as proof of your enrollment.
  1. For students without scholarship:
      • The OAd will email your Assessment Form and pay your assessed fees through Land Bank using of the following option:

Over-the-counter transaction at the nearest branch

a. Deposit/Payment must be made under the following:

Account Name: CLSU Income Account Fund 164
Account Number: 2962-2220-08

b. Scan or take a clear photo of the deposit slip and email it to

      • Please visit the Student Access Module to download/print your Form 6 24 hours after submitting your proof of payment via email.