Procedure for Processing of Change of Program (Shifting)

Online Procedures
  1. Signifying Intention to Shift. The student signifies intention to change program by visiting the Office of Admissions.
  2. The Admission Officer shall review the enrollment record in the program where the student intends to shift. If slots are available, the Records-in-charge of the accepting college shall evaluate the academic records of the student and issue the application for change of program Application for Change of Program (ACA.OAD.YYY.F.012) to the prospective shifters who can still finish the program within the maximum residence period. Note: The student must submit the updated checklist and certificate of grades.
  3. The student fill-out and signs the shifting form.
  4. The student proceeds to the concerned college registrars to continue the process of the application for shifting.
  5. The student submits the approved and signed form to the Record-in-charge of his/her new course.
  6. The shifter shall be given the Preliminary Registration and Trial Form (PRTF). The student shall consult his/her registration adviser about the subjects he/she can take.  The registration adviser shall sign the PRTF.
  7. The shifter shall submit the signed PRTF to the OAd for encoding.