Procedure for Processing of Reconsideration

Online Procedures


Section 4.16.5 of the CLSU Academic Regulations and Procedures states that “Permanent disqualification does not apply to cases, where the grades of 5.0 were due to unauthorized/unofficial dropping of subjects caused by prolonged illness or medical treatment of the student and not to poor class standing . . . . . Students, however, shall only be granted a reconsideration twice. . . .
  1. The student downloads the Application for Reconsideration form (ACA.OAD.YYY.F.027).
  2. The student accomplishes the form and saves the form as a pdf or jpg file.
  3. The student sends the pdf/jpg file of the accomplished application form and a scanned copy of the medical certificate as an e-mail attachment to the official e-mail of the Office of Admissions’ Frontline Section ( The e-mail should have a subject heading “APPLICATION FOR RECONSIDERATION”.
  4. The frontline personnel upon receipt of the e-mail evaluates the records of the student applying for reconsideration. The frontline personnel informs the student of the result of the evaluation, whether qualified or not.  If qualified, the frontline personnel sends the Registration Procedure to the student.