Procedure for Processing of Evaluation Sheet for Advance Credits

Online Procedures
  1. The student downloads the Evaluation Sheet for Advance Credits (ACA.OAD.YYY.F.009).
  2. The student accomplishes the form and saves it as a pdf or jpg file.
  3. The student sends the pdf/jpg file of the accomplished form to the official CLSU e-mail account of the Records-in-Charge (RIC) with a subject heading “EVALUATION SHEET FOR ADVANCE CREDITS.” The RIC will be responsible for endorsing the form to the respective Department Head, provided that a copy of the certification of grades or transcript of records containing the subject/s to be validated/credited is already submitted to the Office of Admissions.

     Below is the official email addresses of the RIC’s:










  1. The Department Head reviews the form and the subject/s to be validated, affixes the signature, then sends it back to the RIC. The OAD will honor only emails sent by Department Head using their official email account ( or
  2. In the case of multiple subjects to be validated or credited, the RIC sends the attachments to the concerned Department Head to cover all subjects that are to be validated or credited.
  3. The Office of Admissions sends an acknowledgment of receipt of the e-mail, prints the attachments, and updates the student’s academic record.