Procedure for Processing of Transfer Students

Online Procedures

PART I. Students Applying to Transfer to CLSU

Basic Requirements for Transfer Students

    1. Applicants must meet all the prescribed admission requirements of the university and the concerned college.
      1. Must take and pass the university admission test if he has not completed at least 36 credit units of college courses.
      2. Must submit a scanned copy of credentials (in jpg or pdf format), as follows:
          • Original and photocopy of the birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Agency (PSA)
          • Two 2″x2″ colored ID pictures (must be placed in the enrollment form)
          • Certificate of good moral character
          • Certificate of honorable dismissal or transfer credential
          • Copy of grades (presented by semester and with descriptive title) signed by the registrar of the school of origin or official transcript of records
          • A duly accomplished enrollment form
    2. Applicants must not have failed more than 25 percent of the subjects taken during the last semester.
    3. Only students who have enrolled in any course leading to a degree program are admitted as transferees.
    4. Official documents must be submitted before admission in the following semester; otherwise, enrollment will not be permitted.

1. The applicant sends an e-mail to with the subject line “Specific Course” (Ex. BS Agriculture). The applicant attaches in the e-mail a scanned copy of the Transcript of Records (TOR) or Certification of Grades (COG) for the initial evaluation by the Office of Admissions (OAD).

2. The OAD’s frontline personnel evaluates the attached TOR or COG. If qualified to transfer, he/she sends an editable enrollment form to the interested student.

3. The applicant accomplishes the form and saves it in pdf or jpg file format.

4. The applicant attaches the scanned copy of the documents stated in item 1.b of the basic requirements above.

5. The applicant sends all the documents as an attachment to with the subject heading TRANSFEREE TO CLSU – COURSE


6. The OAD forwards the e-mail to the concerned college or department for further evaluation.

7. If the college or department finds the applicant qualified, he/she returns the documents by e-mail to OAD. If not qualified, the college or department returns the documents to the applicant’s e-mail address.

8. Finally, OAD notifies the applicant and sends him the Registration Procedure through e-mail.

PART II. Student Who Wishes to Transfer to other Higher Education Institutions

NOTE: Only students who have complete entrance credentials (Form 138, Form 137-A, Original Birth Certificate) can process their application for Transfer Credentials

1. The student downloads the Application for Clearance Form (ACA.OAD.YYY.F.029).

2. The student accomplishes the clearance form and saves the form as a pdf or jpg file.

3. The student sends the pdf or jpg file as an e-mail attachment to the official e-mail of the Record-in-charge (RIC) handling the student’s record with the subject heading “APPLICATION FOR CLEARANCE”. The official e-mail address of the RIC is listed below:

        CAG courses –

  CASS courses –

  CBAA courses –

  CED courses –

  CEN courses –

  CF courses –

  CHSI courses –

  COS courses –

  CVSM courses –

4. The RIC evaluates the records of the student as to the submission of entrance credentials as well as clearance from accountabilities based on the list provided by the concerned College, Accounting Office, Office of Student Affairs, and University Library.

5. If the student has complied with and cleared of all those stated in Item No. 4, the RIC informs the student through e-mail the amount to be paid for his transfer credentials and transcript of records (TOR).

6. Pay your fees thru the following payment options:

        1: CLSU Cashier

        2: Landbank cash deposit

        3: and Landbank online fund transfer


Account Number: 2961-0384-16

Note: Do not pay at 7/11 or transfer via GCASH strictly LANDBANK deposit only.

***** For the issuance of Official Receipt kindly upload the copy of DEPOSIT SLIP. Kindly fill up the link below.

7. The RIC after receiving the proof of payment, informs the student when the documents will be ready for release.